Wingardium Leviosa Kit

Astonish your friends and family as you recreate the scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone where Hermione Granger perfects the Levitation Charm, Wingardium Leviosa, causing a feather to rise from her desk and fly through the air!

The new Wingardium Leviosa magic kit from the WOW! Stuff Collection gives the illusion of flight using a super fine thread to lift the feather (included) into the air while you utter the immortal words “Wingardium Leviosa!”.

One of the first Charms Harry Potter learns to cast, the Wingardium Leviosa Kit is ideal for young wizards and witches becoming accustomed to the Wizarding World. There’s no need for a lesson with Professor Filius Flitwick, just “swish and flick, remember, swish and flick”, and use the Wingardium Leviosa Charm to command the feather to rise up and dart around before your (and family and friends) very eyes.

This magical Harry Potter kit includes a mini Hermione wand and a white replica feather to practice your levitation skills. The feather can be attached to the wand, or your hand, using the soft putty from the pack that lets you suspend the feather using a near invisible Aramid fibre thread, also provided. The thread is twice as strong as steel of the same thickness but almost totally invisible to onlookers from approximately 6 feet distance.

Lift the feather by moving your wand or hand in the air and watch as the feather dances around, giving the illusion of levitation. Remember though, it is an illusion! While it uses a clever Aramid magician’s ‘Invisible thread’, and the effect on video or to onlookers can look quite stunning, it does require practice, so may not be suitable for the very young or less dextrous.

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