Steve Spangler Science – Lab in a Bag: Test Tube Wonders

This kit is a collection of amazing experiments contained in five unbreakable test tubes. Each test tube features up to three cool activities and lots of science learning fun.

The test tubes in this kit contain:

  • Insta-Snow® – Make a blizzard in a test tube instantly!
  • Magic Sand – Experiment with amazing, colourful, waterproof sand
  • Energy Beads – Use the sun to make these incredible beads chance colour
  • Growing Dino – Grow a squishy dinosaur in a test tube simply by adding water
  • Rainbow Tube – Grow squishy jelly crystals and use them to trap a rainbow in a tube

Kit includes:

  • 5 giant, plastic test tubes with lids
  • 1 plastic test tube holder
  • 7g Water Gel™
  • 10g Superabsorbent Crystals
  • 7g Insta-Snow® powder
  • 3 True Colors™ Fizzing Tablets
  • 25g Magic Sand
  • 12 UV Energy Beads
  • 1 Growing Dinosaur
  • instructions and vinyl carrying bag.

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