Steve Spangler Science- Lab in a Bag: Test Tube Adventures

Do more than 15 activities with Test Tube Adventures!

  • Make a rainbow tube
  • Learn about membranes in substances
  • Play with touchable bubbles
  • Learn to categorize colours
  • Play with disappearing ink
  • Learn why bubbles float
  • Make a super bouncing ball
  • Learn about plastic molding
  • Make yards of worms
  • Learn about pH reactions
  • And more!


  • 5 plastic test tubes with lids
  • 1 plastic test tube holder
  • 10g Super absorbent crystals
  • 30ml Worm Goo
  • 5g Worm Goo Activator
  • 16ml disappearing ink
  • 10g bouncing ball powder
  • 1 plastic bouncing ball mold
  • 17ml touchable bubbles
  • Instructions

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