Niffler Money Bank

The mischievous Niffler is small, furry and black with a long, rounded snout, making it look like a cross between a mole and a duck-billed platypus. With an irrepressible predilection for anything glittery, this burrowing but remarkably fast and agile little beast will snatch or steal whatever shiny object catches its eye. The Niffler stores its treasures in the pouch on its belly, which holds considerably more than seems possible. Though gentle and even affectionate, the Niffler can be quite destructive in its pursuit of sparkly things, so, word to the wise: they do not make good house pets.

So, we know that the Niffler likes anything shiny, and now you can give him a treat by letting him store your shiny things! Namely, your spare change, which slips easily into his secret pouch through a traditional piggy bank style slot opening.

The Niffler will keep your coins safe and sound, but to release your savings you may have to give him a shake. Alternatively, and perhaps more easily, use the pop-off round opening on the underside of Niffler to access your savings!

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