Lunch Pets Assorted

Keeps Hot Food HOT and Cool Food COOL!
The insulated storage pouch keeps your lunch fresh all day long! Pack up your favorite sandwich, drinks, toys, books and so much more! Your lunch will be fresh, yummy, and not to mention adorable! Packing your kids’ lunches has never been easier… or cuter!

Clip to Your Backpack, Scooter, Bike & More!
Off to school with your Lunch Pets is a snap! Paws clip together to create a convenient carrying handle or can even attach to your backpack, scooter or bike! Just snap the paws closed and off you go!

Carry Your Lunch Wherever You Go!
Lunch Pets can go with you anywhere! The easy to open velcro flap is great for little hands to open & close. Easy to take to school, to a football game, or even to the park! Where are you going to take your Lunch Pet?

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