Goo Goo Galaxy: Goo Critters

The Goo Critters have arrived at warp speed and they are star-ving! Soaring through space in their little squishy pink Starships they just landed on Earth from the Goo Goo Galaxy™ and they’re ready to help you make some glittery goo fun! Tear open their tactile, soft star capsule and dig through the slime to reveal your own little Goo Critter hiding inside. You can customize your goo with the included glitter pack, to create some DIY sparkly space slime! Fill up the critter then give it a squeeze to make it Slurp ‘N’ Burp the goo from its mouth! Store your glittery goo inside your Goo Critter until they are ready to Slurp ‘N’ Burp again. There are 20 Goo Critters to find and collect, including common, rare and ultra rare critters! The Goo Critters are here to slurp, burp and melt every girl’s ooey, gooey heart- it’s what’s inside that counts!

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