Golden Snitch Heliball

The Golden Snitch Heliball® was selected from hundreds of nominees as a finalist for the USA’s ASTRA’s Best Toys for Kids list at launch.

The brand leading miniature droid LED Heliball® has been transformed into the ultimate Quidditch accessory for Wizarding World fans. The Golden Snitch Heliball® not only flies but it allows the user to customise its flight pattern from random directional flight to near vertical flight by adjusting the angles of the wings, making it perfect for Seekers in training!

Using patented proximity sensor technology, the Snitch will hover and move in random directions in the air, then magically fly away when you try to catch it from below. This Snitch is sure to be a firm favourite amongst aspiring Quidditch players and is ideal to recreate your favourite film scenes, to capture on a smartphone or tablet and upload to social media.

The hand-painted and moulded body of the Snitch, and its mechanical fluttering wings create a highly realistic appearance which will transport children and adults alike into their own magical Wizarding World. When not in use, the Snitch can take pride of place in any bedroom or desk on the display plinth included, alongside the free Quidditch poster.

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