Buki France Insect Explorer Kit

Founded in 1992, Buki is a French brand with a team of designers, illustrators and scientists working together to bring us scientific and creative games and toys. All Buki experiments, recipes and activities are tested and approved by children!

What is an insect? How many legs do they have? Do they all have wings? What do they eat? How are ants’ lives organised? What’s the reproduction cycle of butterflies like? A kit to learn everything about the lives of insects and find out their main characteristics. Learn about 5 different insects – flies, butterflies, ants, grasshoppers and ladybirds – through amusing anecdotes and experiments. Watch how a ladybird eats, watch ants at work. Instruction sheet with colour illustrations.

By stimulating kids’ curiosity and showing them what they can actually make, Buki’s kits, games and toys are the nicest and funniest way to introduce kids to science, creativity and dexterity!

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