Pacman Arcade

Do you have what it takes to outsmart the ghosts and clear the levels of one of the most popular arcade games of all time? Use the joystick to navigate Pac-Man around the maze, eating dots for points and avoiding the hungry ghosts! Swallow one of the power pellets in the corners of the maze and Pac-Man could chase the ghost for a few seconds and gobble them up for extra points! Eat all the dots to complete the level!

Brace yourself to be plunged back in time to an era of adrenaline pumping, old school fun with Arcade1Up as it brings iconic arcade gaming back to you. Whether you are a retro junkie or curious to check out the hype – this is the perfect way to enjoy arcade play within your home, dorm room or office.

Available in four exciting versions, the just under 4ft tall cabinets include three to four classic games on each. All the machines feature original artwork for all-time iconic games such as Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Asteroids, Centipede and Rampage. With immersive full-color hi-res displays and sounds, and combined with original joystick and control buttons setup, you are looking at endless hours of gaming!

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