Poppit S1 Starter Packs

Create with clay the Poppit way! Make a miniature world that looks so real with Poppit!

Load the Popper with clay, pop out your piece and make cute mini creations!

The Poppit Starter Pack comes with four different coloured clays and seven different Poppit molds, a Poppit popper, Poppit Tool, Dropper as well as lots of pieces to decorate plus  sprinkles, beads and gems as well so that you are ready to create some mini magic!

There are 3 great themes to choose from. Pop out Mini Designer Handbags, Mini Puppies or Mini Cupcakes. They are Mini Creations, Made Easy! 

Visit: www.poppit.ca


4 x 10g compounds in foil bags
1 x Popper Bottle
7 x Moulds
1 x Tool
1 x Bag Decoration Plastic Parts
1 x Dropper
Instruction Booklet


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