Beados Teeneez Style ‘N Go Designer Studio

Now you can create even cuter jewelry, bag tags and more with the Beados Teeneez Designer Studio! Load the maker with the coloured mini beads. Simply choose your design template, pop in your Teeneez Beads, then just spray and they stay! So go small and make more! Make all types of cool jewelry from rings, bracelets, lockets and necklaces! So much fun to make, wear and share! 


  • 1 X Large Water Sprayer
  • 1 X instruction booklet
  • 10 X Design Templates
  • 2 X Bead Trays
  • 500 X Beads
  • 1 X Jewelry Maker
  • 1 X Necklace with Clips
  • 2 X Jelly Bracelet
  • 2 X Rings
  • 1 X Locket
  • 3 X Creation Plug
  • 6 Eyelet Beads

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